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Was sitting here listening to a song when I started arguing with it - older country song and the lyric was "You gotta love that" and all I could think was... No, no, I don't.

I still think one of my best quotable moments was years ago on a road trip with friends(Ithildin, I know was there and S, who isn't on DW, and I think aka-Arduinna [and I can't remember how to link them right now] and an old Tom Petty song came on the radio and he sang "She's an American girl" and the first thing out of my mouth was

"No, she's not, she's a Russian spy." And the whole car just fell apart in laughter.

I also made a great one on Twitter once about my kitty cat not dancing for me, but Ith and Ninjababe hadn't seen the whole kitty cat dance meme and didn't get it :) Several other people did though :)

I've also made a few good HL-related ones.

So, tell me - what's the best line you've ever said that made a quote list somewhere that people cackled over?
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Happy birthday, Nin!!!!!

::sends out the scantily clad cabana boys::

(Well, once they take their coats off, they will be)
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I put up some kitty pictures over on LJ and a post about me :)

Haven't set up cross posting since I post so rarely, so here's the link if you're interested: http://otterevil.livejournal.com/

Kitty says you should go look at her, or she'll kill you.

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Sticky post to keep at top.

Joining the ranks of those trying to sell their stuff :)

Me @ Amazon

Me @ Half.com

Come save me from penury and clutter! Friends can email for deals :)

More books to be added soon also.

Also, will knit for pay - basic scarves & hats - $20-25, includes yarn and shipping.


Nov. 2nd, 2010 04:11 pm
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Well, I'm not a writer, so not doing NaNoWriMo, but discovered there's a knitting equivalent! :)

NaKnitMo. (Ravelry link)

And I'm going for 30,000 stitches.

Finished the body of my lace shawl last night. Now waiting on class to start the border.

Not sure what projects I'll work on - I have several going, but it'll be interesting trying to keep track of stitches.

So far, 828 st.
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So I decided to do this. Last year :) Did okay and then fell away from it. Have it up on Blogger, but I think I'm going to move it over here to decrease the number of places I need to post things.

original list )

Some things were done and some need to be changed because I realize I'm not going to do them :)
Will be working on that and getting off all the info from the blog, so I can delete it.
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or was it early 90's? or both?

It's 90210 Day! Remember Dylan, Brenda, Brandon, et. al? It's their day!

Or, more accurately,

it's 9-02-10.

I used to love that show. Then it irritated the hell out of me. And then it was gone.

End ramble.
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As you may have noticed, I'm selling stuff on Amazon and Half.com. The other day I go to list a book on Amazon and - woah! OMFG!

Neuromancer by William Gibson

If you click the 'see all buying options' button and scroll down to the first one that has images - the one that has the book listed for $445 (OMFG!) - and look at the images - this is the book I have. It's a little dusty and the dust jacket shows some light scratches.

But the first *used* copy starts at $275! The newer hardback version from 2004 (20th anniversary) sells for regular price. Mine is a 1986 printing of the 1984 book with an intro from Gibson (copyright page says 1984 for the book, 1986 for the intro, and title page has 1986 on it).

So, should I just throw it up on Amazon and see if there are any takers? Know anyone who might pay for it?
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Probably fake, but funny as hell :) Especially the demented laughing at the end.

W…T…F… with the Hay Baler???
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Evil Ottertude — Cute Overload


Okay, someone, please, please make me an icon of the second picture. Pleeeeaaasssssee!
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Mwahahaha! Definitely one drawback to an E-reader.

Library books thwart purse snatcher
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Stop! It's kitteh time!

Adorable kitteh feets! They are a lie - don't touch them!

Two more after emclickening )
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If you get an email from my trw2005 account, subject: Hello D - delete it. Must have gotten hacked. Message itself seems innocuous, but don't know what clicking the link will do, so... don't!

I have multiple Gmail accounts, so I spammed myself :) And got lots of failed attempts back from email listservs, so it must have spammed my contact list. [sigh]


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