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And not inside giving me treats?

Went to check the mail and took my camera along to see if there was anything picture worthy. Nothing until I got back up on the deck - she'd meow at me every few seconds as if to say "get back in here!" - either that or "let me out there!"

My sweetie :)

Please excuse the door - the dogs used to scratch on it to tell us they wanted in and it's never been repainted.


Dec. 6th, 2009 01:46 am
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Just had to apologize to the kitteh :)

She was pawing at something on the desk and wouldn't stop - I thought she was going for some yarn at first, and then thought she was just being a bad kitty and whappped her on the butt. Then I realized she was going after a couple of receipts that I had just pulled out of a container.

Where they had been laying on a package of catnip. Oops!

So, to apologize, I sprinkled some on the cat tree and scratch pad for her. And put some out for the other kitteh when she came investigating :)

Ember's lucky she didn't fling herself off the top of the cat tree while rolling around in the nip :)

Silly kittehs!

and yeah, I shouldn't really whap her, but she kinda likes it :)

my queen

Oct. 20th, 2009 03:30 am
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Can you do this with *your* tongue?

Pensive kitty is pensive:

Pet food

Apr. 22nd, 2007 12:20 am
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I'm going to end up learning how to make my own out of self defense, man.

One of the latest recalls hit too close to home.

Although we have no confirmed cases of illness in pets, we have decided to voluntarily remove the following dry pet food products that contain rice protein concentrate due to the presence of a melamine derivative.

ROYAL CANIN SENSIBLE CHOICE® (available in pet specialty stores nationwide)

- Chicken Meal & Rice Formula Senior DRY DOG FOOD(snipped list)

I buy my lab Rosie the Chicken Meal & Rice Adult - which wasn't in the recall. But the main reason I've never gotten her the Senior is that my Petco doesn't seem to stock it. Rosie is 11; she turns 12 in July/August.

So her bag of Adult was next to empty, and the cat food bag is starting to get low, so had to go buy pet food earlier today and was talking to one of the Petco guys at the checkout. His thought was that, basically, they should just toss everything and start over. I'm not really against this idea, though how to do it is beyond me.

I decided to skip the RC purchase this time. And the Nutro I buy for my precious furry kitty girls wasn't recalled, but I decided to skip it too, just because some of their stuff had been recalled. Checkout guy was talking about the Dick Van Patten brand that's organic, but didn't think my Purina Pro Plan Selects were a bad choice - he also gave me a free bag of kitty treats :)

And, since this is a pet post, here are pictures! )


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