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@joe_hill Yeah, @ChristophGolden and me ownself saw ROBIN HOOD tonight. A dumb, but tremendously fun hour-and-a-half long movie.

@joe_hill Unnnnnnnnnfortunately it was actually two-and-a-half hours long.


Still may have to see it - I'm a huge Robin Hood geek :)


Jun. 3rd, 2006 02:48 am
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ruminations with spoilers )

end ruminations, questions, and lewd thoughts. At least the written and available to the public ones.

(Okay, spellcheck recognizes Xena, but denies pouty?)
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Just a quick note to say I saw it. I loved it.

After it was over, I could have cried with joy because TPTB *didn't* fuck it up.

The only thing that threw me was that the boy who played Edmund looked like the boy who played Willie Olsen on Little House on the Prairie :)
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called The Cat With Hands



(and I'm using my cat icon in honor of it :)


Jun. 28th, 2005 06:56 pm
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We figured we'd better go see it before it left the area :)

An enthusiastic thumbs up! Very good movie: excellent interweaving story - you had to pay attention - and a great ensemble cast. I think the ads made more of Sandra Bullock being in it, but if anyone was "the star", it was Don Cheadle. Bullock's character was more interesting in that she wasn't really someone you liked, unlike most of her other characters; she was whiny, bitchy, racist and cruel - but then again, she had just had a gun shoved in her face and been thrown to the ground by carjackers.

It definitely made you think about how we judge people by appearance, even when we know we shouldn't, and how wrong - and right - those judgements can be. I hope this one gets remembered when award time comes around - the story definitely - and I know a couple of the awards acknowledge 'ensemble cast' - and this was truly an ensemble.
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Saw this tonight. Enjoyed it. There need to be more movies with stories, not just explosions
and car chases. Not that I mind explosions and car chases :)

I've always perceived Nicole Kidman as being kind of cold and reserved and it serves her part
well here. And Sean Penn does suffering so very well.

And it was interesting see Africans portrayed differently than the usual stereotypes - the
white Africans weren't all evil racist overlords and the black Africans weren't all noble
oppressed martyrs. And I liked that the attraction between them was very muted and subtle -
neither character was at a point where they would be having a relationship (or even casual sex)
and the movie, except for the last minutes, takes place over 3-4 days.

Some good previews, though, of course, now I can't remember them - except that they were still
showing the Kingdom of Heaven trailer and that's been out for a couple of weeks already. And
neither Mom nor I can decide about Bewitched - it looks kinda cute, but I'm figuring the best
moments are in the trailer - and we don't know if we could stand Will Ferrell for a whole movie.
We decided that if we had the niece and she wanted to see a flick and that was the only thing
even vaguely appropriate, we'd take her :)
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Ok, I like Kevin Costner. I haven't liked all of his movies, but I've seen a great many of them.
Whether or not you like him, you should see this. It is excellent!

Joan Allen is the real star here. And, man, can she do anger!! Unfortunately, given the movie's release time, she probably won't be considered for awards for the role - and she should be. I haven't seen very many of her movies, but I thought she was wonderful in Pleasantville also.

Costner's character is the type he should stick with - casual, charming, a bit silly, deep-down decent.
It's a type he does very well - which, in a way, is a shame, because it discounts his ability to inhabit a character. But given this and Open Range from last year, he seems to be back on track.

A good movie about what anger can do and how it can change you.
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I saw 22 movies last year.

Movies 2004 )

Don't regret seeing any of them - except maybe The Ladykillers and it was vaguely amusing and had good music, which makes up for some of it - not much, but some.


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