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So I've been on this decluttering kick. Still way too much stuff in the house :) But less than there used to be.

But I've just finished this book - Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life by Gail Blanke. At the end, she wants you to complete these four sentences:

I'm ______ and I'm the one who _____ and nobody does it better.
My vision for myself and for the world is ______.
The toughest and most important thing I'm going to let go of to make sure that happens is _____.
And my song is ____.

The song part is this - think back to a moment when you felt like a million bucks (childhood, high school, adulthood, whatever) - what song encapsulates that moment? What song do you sing to motivate yourself for an important meeting, a job interview, a date with with your SO? The examples in the book were My Sharona by the Knack, the overture from The Lion King, The Bitch Is Back by Elton John, and I'm the Greatest Star by Barbara Streisand from Funny Girl.

So, what's your declaration? Your song? I'm still thinking :)

cross-posted in slightly different form to [livejournal.com profile] unclutter_365
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Was cleaning out the top part of the wardrobe in Mom's room - some her clothes, some Michelle's.

I found a very nice chocolate brown broomstick skirt that actually fit! Will have to be hemmed up though.

And another stash of rolled and unrolled coins. Looks like around $150 all together.

There's $70-something in the car that I forgot to take to the bank and another $30 or so that I found yesterday.

I like this :)
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I only make ones I know I can keep :)

1. Spend lots of quality time with kittehs :)
2. Read a lot of books. (235 in 2009)
3. Add more activity into my life.
4. Work on organizing my life better.

Kitty time is easy, so is book time. Very little activity would be required for me to reach the "more activity" level [g]. And, hey, I can work on organizing - doesn't mean I'll actually *organize*!

See? Sensible, attainable resolutions! ::beams::

And Annoying Cousin is still in jail - she did try to call me yesterday, but the phone in the bedroom went dead and I didn't try to get up (didn't want to disturb the Queen), so once again, so sorry, not available :)
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AC's got another sucker lined up - apparently is moving in with another friend, who she's lived with once before. Low rent, and is going to be putting money down on a cheap car. Or it could all be a lie. Or will end up like the last one.

Civil court case against other cousin is tomorrow. Will be picking up the mercenary niece [g] around noon. Hopefully other cousin won't show up.

And I've decided I'll get someone else to hem the pants so that they'll be straight :) Now I just have to find someone.
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Trying to start a new habit of spending 15 minutes a day in one room cleaning out parents' & grandparents' stuff. Not much clothing except for Mom's and since I'm unlikely to wear any of her stuff, that's where I started. There's a free-standing wardrobe in the back room with mostly her dressier clothes - and some kids' clothing that niece & her sister wore - and I just took out a buttload of clothes to the car. And there are still a few things on hangers, plus two drawers that I haven't looked at yet. May do some more later on.

There were a couple of things I thought about keeping - then decided that would be kind of silly. It'd be a while longer before I even come close to fitting in them, and even though I liked the items, they just aren't my style. And someone else could get a lot more use out of them right now.

So I'm planning on going up to Elkin Monday and Tuesday to see people, but it looks like I'll need to take a trip to Goodwill first. Or... hmmm, there is a consignment shop (or two) in town. I could put everything in the trunk and deal with it after I get back...
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Weren't you all waiting for one? Hmmm?

Got my car back yesterday - can't tell anything was ever wrong :) The shop said it was all cosmetic - when they got the melted part removed, there wasn't any damage underneath, just the melty :) So I'm trying to remember to call the ambulance service to thank the driver who saw the fire and moved my car for his wonderfulness.

Annoying cousin has apparently rented a house with some other losersfriends, so she's out of hotels and off the streets. For now. And I made her sign for a post office box the other day - I paid for it, of course, but soon her mail should stop coming to me! Yeah! I told her I'll still take her to check it, but hopefully her new roomies can pick up that job sometimes. And she lives across the street from a store, so those calls should end too! Weeeeee!

And had my sewing class last night - it's a 4 week course. Basic introduction last night, plus cutting out our patterns and cutting out the fabric to the patterns. Sewing next week! May play with extra fabric to get used to actually using the machine during the week.

Now to catch up with all the stuff I've let slide while dealing with fire/car stuff.
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Made an A  :)

Waiting on critique of final project. Ended up going with a SF program - I picked John Scalzi as my author and built two programs around him - the first was an intro to SF books and movies (he does a weekly column for AMC about SF tv/movies) and the second was "how the Internet has changed SF" which I thought he fit into very well, having a long running blog and having put up his fiction for free a couple of times and then selling them. I mocked up 2 posters, bs'd some community needs stuff, made a budget, etc. Supposed to be around 15 pages - ended up at 10, so said wtf and sent it in :)   It just would have been extra wordy bs with no real reason behind it - and it was late, I was tired, and I knew I had passed the class already, so...

Now I need to decide if I want to take 2 classes next semester or just one. Both of the ones I'm contemplating are web-only classes, one with mandatory weekly chats, one with optional chats. Pretty sure I'm going to take the Collection Development class, just need to decide about the Indexing and Abstracting class.

This is...

Apr. 1st, 2009 05:16 pm
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the face of the enemy - a cute and fuzzy face, yes, but the enemy nonetheless.

This is why I didn't have internet. This is why, while the electrician is redoing the old wiring, that I'm going to have to have extra rewiring done. This is why I have holes in the ceiling and shredded bits of insulation on my floor.


When the roofer is here, I'm going to ask him to hunt for the holes they're using. And I'll probably end up having to hire someone else to make sure they're all out of the attic before the holes are sealed.

Cute and fuzzy, yes, but right now I'm thinking evil, evil thoughts...
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Saw my doctor yesterday. Right now I'm staying on insulin on a sliding scale and not going back on oral meds. I was also a tad low on potassium levels, so she wrote me a prescription for that, but when I was glancing through the info sheet, there was something about making sure your doctor knows if you're taking diuretics - and since I've been on one of those, I think I'll call her on Monday to see if I need to stop that pill before starting the potassium. Everything else was pretty good.

Weight loss: Usually I don't weigh, but of course, now I do. Partly because I didn't want to know and partly because the regular doctor's scale didn't go high enough. The office does have a digital scale, but it was waaay over on the other side (office looks like a bracket ] with the scale at the top end and my doc at the far bottom end). Yesterday I was able to use the regular scale. I've lost 68 lbs.

Today my therapist and I walked around the parking lot a couple of times before heading inside for our session. We still have our July 4th appointment scheduled for her office, since right now I can't get to her office very easily as it's up a steep flight of stairs. I managed to get up the stairs for our first appointment, but we've been using her church as our office since then. She says that was how she knew how much I wanted help when I made it up the stairs. It also let her know that she hadn't thought about how people with disabilities wouldn't be able to get up the stairs (it's a 2 story building with all outside entrances and no elevator).

I can't really see the difference, but I can tell. I can walk longer without pain, I've got more stamina, and I've been able to move the seat up in the car :) The seat had been pushed back as far as it would go and I have a pedal extender on the accelerator. I've actually moved the seat up twice, which makes driving easier on my knee, since it doesn't have to be as fully extended all the time. I *am* short, so I may never completely do away with the extender, but it'll be nice not to have a sore knee and limp every time I get out of the car after a long drive.

And Monday I'll try to start back at the YMCA, since the easier part of the weight loss will probably start slowing, and I'll have to start relying on actual 'exercise' -oh, gasp! the horror! :) I'm looking forward to be able to do some swimming - and some walking without pain. Still will never be a wildly cheering advocate of WLS, but right now it's working for me and getting me to where I can start doing for myself.
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I'm a sheeeeeeeeeeeeeep!


I'm doing the 101 Things to do in 1001 Days Project and I created a blog for it (sigh).


Come mock if you like. And I still need about 10 suggestions :)
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I could swear I've talked about this, but scrolling back through the archives shows that I haven't. Hmmm...

[livejournal.com profile] diavestra? Did I talk about this with you once?

I'm having weight loss surgery. Vertical sleeve gastrectomy - which I, in my own special otterevil-y way, am calling "So you're having your stomach amputated". My diabetes keeps getting worse and my physical condition pretty much keeps me from doing much, which limits any possibility of exercise and getting back into any kind of shape.

I'm not particularly thrilled about it, but I'm doing it. I wanted to get the lap band, but the doctor wouldn't recommend me for it - said it wouldn't do enough. But he didn't go for the gastric bypass either (which I wouldn't have done - that much mutilation scares me). Basically they leave a tube/sleeve and cut off the rest of the stomach. Deeply scary shit.

Mostly I feel like a failure that I've let it get this far. And I hate the idea of WLS - I think it's suggested/offered much too cavalierly, but I also don't think I have a choice (well, not much of one). I'm not expecting instant thinness and instant health and a golden lifestyle - I don't think I'd even know what to do with that :) But losing enough weight so that I can start exercising, getting off some of the meds I'm on, and hopefully getting fit enough to get off of disability and go back to work - that I could deal with.

So for the last couple of months, I've been doing the doctor rounds - getting cardiac clearance, pulmonary clearance (which is where the CPAP machine came from), mental health clearance (my therapist has promised to be there for the long haul :) ), and all the hospital crap (I had an exhausting 9-5 day at the hospital last Tuesday attending class, doing pre-op, etc.).

Heh, my therapist has set my first July 09 appointment at her office - which I haven't been to since our first appointment because of the stairs around June 07. My problems with her steep stairs did alert her to the fact that her office wasn't disabled friendly though and she made arrangements to use a room in her church for me and other clients she started with after me.

Soooooo, that's the surgery. Sorry about that :)


Jun. 8th, 2008 08:16 pm
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The summer plague... I has it :(

The cousin's cat... I STILL has it. Though hopefully he'll be gone this week.

A life... I still needs to get one.

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Life? Is still in a holding pattern. Nothing too bad, but nothing great either. No court cases called up, no disability case approved. Cousin has only pestered me through the phone line occasionally :) Her cat pesters me enough in person/feline(?). Status quo isn't too bad :)

Well, the week offline was a pain, but it just meant I got more books read :>

reviews can be found over in my book journal - [profile] otterevilreads 
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Well, at the end of last month, I mentioned my visitor. As Ben Franklin said "Fish and visitors begin to stink after three days" (or something like that) - supposedly this was for one night. The one night turned into a long weekend (being New Year's). And then...

She stayed for 3 weeks. Three effing weeks.

I finally had to kick her out. I didn't kick her out before because I had apparently lost all assertiveness in the past year or so (since Mom died - shit, it's been 2 years - damn). So after a very helpful visit to the therapist, I told her the deadline for leaving. The whole thing made me nauseous and shaky - and very, very relieved. Since then I seem to have recovered some of my IRL snarkiness :) I haven't been able to completely disengage yet - I ended up having to keep her cat again. No - deciding to keep the cat - I didn't have to, but I didn't want the kitty to end up in the animal shelter (at least, not yet). But I haven't responded to her attempted guilt trips to let her come back or most of her attempts to borrow money (yeah, I lent her some - most of it I got back and I was willing to part with the rest to get her out. Plus a couple of bucks for a prescription and gas). Now I have to give her a deadline for the cat - and keep saying "No" to everything else.

I also lost my homeowner's insurance. Brother put some stuff on the roof as preventative maintenance against weather damage - except the stuff he went around the vents with was left over from sealing the roof of one of the rental trailers. Insurance person drove by - saw this white stuff on the black roof - and sent me a cancellation note saying 'your roof is patched, sorry kthnxbai". Had another insurance agency inspector come out - he said I'd have to get a roofer to come out and assess the roof - and oh, yeah - this fuse box here? It's ancient, so you'll have to get an electrician too. So that's my next task. Joy, oh, joy.

Other than that - and my cats disliking cousin's cat(eww, stinky boy cat cooties in the girl house!) - life continues...

Now Books! )
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or should that be "books are life"?

My therapist recommended Weight Watchers to help me feel more in control - and for the extra support of the group. I'm not big on the whole group thing, but I'm going to give it a try. My first challenge will be actually going to the grocery store :) - mostly I've been eating out/doing take-out. No, actually, the first challenge is to clean out the fridge and get the old stuff out before putting new stuff in.

I went to DC for the library convention - basically that was a bust - I couldn't do the walking. And, damn, it was all walking. But I saw a book rep that I worked with in NC and caught up with her. Very nice lady. And I did see my friend Shirl, which was great. And the whole 'getting away from home' thing was pretty nice too.

Got some good reading done in June )
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I didn't decorate, but then I rarely did, since I usually came home to the parents' house for the holidays. Mom always did something - we had a Christmas fern one year instead of a tree :) I did put some paper snowflakes on the glass doors, but Honey's had fun trying to get them down, so they're a bit bedraggled.

I had fun shopping for the kids, not that I really shopped - I got my niece and her sister gift cards to Barnes & Noble and Office Depot (they both like office/school supplies), but the payoff on that comes when I take them to spend the cards :) I love to watch the niece shop; she's very intense about it and very sure of what she wants. Quality time. I got a gift set of smelly bath stuff for their mom, which they both said she'll like. And I got presents today for the people I'm going to see at the beach - more hostess/'thanks for letting me barge in' gifts than presents, but still something.

Oh! [livejournal.com profile] diavestra! They really liked the bracelets :)

So, I was actually doing okay, I thought, until the girls came over. Or, more accurately, until the girls left. I'm... melancholy now - except that Ember is attacking Honey through the curtain on the glass doors right now, as Honey tries to get more snowflakes down.

I hadn't planned on seeing my friends tomorrow - was going to wait until Tuesday. But after talking with [livejournal.com profile] ithidrial and [livejournal.com profile] ninjababe and feeling a bit better, I decided to call and see if the invitation to dinner tomorrow night was still open. I figured it would be - and it was. (Ember just typed "red" with one paw press - smart kitty) I had planned on having dinner, reading, and spending time in the hot tub after I got to the beach, but I think I'll add a little human interaction to keep from thinking about everything too much. I'll still do the hot tub though.

Hey, [livejournal.com profile] lasairfhiona, wanna fly south to visit? Smuggle a puppy down with you? :)

Oh, well, back to laundry and overpacking.


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