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Stop! It's kitteh time!

Adorable kitteh feets! They are a lie - don't touch them!

Two more after emclickening )
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And not inside giving me treats?

Went to check the mail and took my camera along to see if there was anything picture worthy. Nothing until I got back up on the deck - she'd meow at me every few seconds as if to say "get back in here!" - either that or "let me out there!"

My sweetie :)

Please excuse the door - the dogs used to scratch on it to tell us they wanted in and it's never been repainted.
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Honey enjoyed her brief visit because she had drawstrings at the bottom of her pants!


Dec. 6th, 2009 01:46 am
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Just had to apologize to the kitteh :)

She was pawing at something on the desk and wouldn't stop - I thought she was going for some yarn at first, and then thought she was just being a bad kitty and whappped her on the butt. Then I realized she was going after a couple of receipts that I had just pulled out of a container.

Where they had been laying on a package of catnip. Oops!

So, to apologize, I sprinkled some on the cat tree and scratch pad for her. And put some out for the other kitteh when she came investigating :)

Ember's lucky she didn't fling herself off the top of the cat tree while rolling around in the nip :)

Silly kittehs!

and yeah, I shouldn't really whap her, but she kinda likes it :)

my queen

Oct. 20th, 2009 03:30 am
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Can you do this with *your* tongue?

Pensive kitty is pensive:

cats :)

Sep. 29th, 2009 12:50 am
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Honey is on my suitcase, chasing and catching her tail - it's a dirty, dirty tail and must be washed. Washed diligently! She also likes to sharpen her claws on it [sigh]. I laughed at her and she stopped washing her tail and glared at me :) Now she snoozes, while in perfect calico cat loaf position.

Ember is a big lump, asleep on the top of the cat tree.

They were vaguely offended earlier tonight when D. came over to get the keys to the house so he can get in to house sit - one of brother's dogs came up and I let her in. They're quite sure I have violated some rule of the Geneva Cat Convention.

My queen

Jul. 26th, 2009 11:24 pm
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I was starting a new cross stitch project and needed to scan in the pattern so I could make a working copy that I could enlarge and mark up, so I had to clean off the scanner. Well, we all know what happens then...

All hail Her Floofyness!
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I post lots of pictures of Ember - she's very photogenic :) And she's usually around. Honey, on the other hand, likes to hide in the back room - she tends to come out in the wee hours of the morning. Well, she actually came out during the day and I got some good pictures! Her eyes are always a bit goopy, but they didn't look too bad in these...

Calico goodness behind the clicky! 4 pictures )

There! Equal kitty representation!
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wet kitty catses, actually. Both had to go to the vet this month for their yearly shots (which came with a bath, deflea and nail trim :)

And my poor Honey-bunny has allergies and I have to put ointment in her eye twice a day. And she REALLY hates it.

Ember is 9.5 lbs. Honey is 6.8 lbs. Still so little and sweet.

::gibbers sweet nothings to puddytats::

Gip :)

May. 28th, 2006 12:56 am
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Just a gip. Move along. Look at the kissy cats. Move along.
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Cat in a bag Cat in a bag
Honey loves bags
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Ember on an incline Ember on an incline
When Ember wants to be held, she doesn't care what I'm doing.
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pussycat, of course!

Honey got spayed this week - I think they did a rather thorough job shaving her!

Po' baby!
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Massively updated my Yahoo photo albums with tons of kitty pictures.
To view, click on the link on the side of my journal page called "My feline owners". But here are 4 of the best :)

Ember in a tote bag that's around my neck, so she can lay on me and I can still type :)

Honey on my desk

2 more ) Smug kitten.
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here's a link to a post with more pictures of the new kitty and Ember:

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We got a new kitten! A sweet little calico. (Not named yet - suggestions welcome!)

Rosie (the dog) went outside and hasn't come back in yet.
Ember is interested, but a bit rough - but the kitten just ignores her :)

Other photos, including a couple with Ember are here:

Ember and the new kitty
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Since she keeps trying to get out, I wanted her to have a collar on, with her tags on it.
She's never responded well to the harness and leash and the collar was no different ::snicker::

She raced around the house trying to get rid of it - it has a bell on it too. She did
everything she could to get it off, but had to admit defeat.

The Queen is seriously displeased :)


Apr. 21st, 2005 11:02 pm
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Kitty is asleep on top of the printer, under the lamp light.

I guess she's worn out from killing the plushies.
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Added more pictures of Ember - actually she has 2 albums (so far).
And there's a former fandom joke in the April 2005 album - for
those of you who might know which fandom I'm talking about.

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Yeah, I'm going to be annoying...

Actually, I'm putting a link to her yahoo!photos page on the sidebar of my lj page. It'll be updated constantly (I'm sure!), so I'll only be annoying when I have an especially wonderful picture. Of course, constant stories will probably continue, at least until I'm too scratched up to type.


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