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NSFW - will have to login to view, but worth it :)

YouTube - F**K YOU
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So I've been on this decluttering kick. Still way too much stuff in the house :) But less than there used to be.

But I've just finished this book - Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life by Gail Blanke. At the end, she wants you to complete these four sentences:

I'm ______ and I'm the one who _____ and nobody does it better.
My vision for myself and for the world is ______.
The toughest and most important thing I'm going to let go of to make sure that happens is _____.
And my song is ____.

The song part is this - think back to a moment when you felt like a million bucks (childhood, high school, adulthood, whatever) - what song encapsulates that moment? What song do you sing to motivate yourself for an important meeting, a job interview, a date with with your SO? The examples in the book were My Sharona by the Knack, the overture from The Lion King, The Bitch Is Back by Elton John, and I'm the Greatest Star by Barbara Streisand from Funny Girl.

So, what's your declaration? Your song? I'm still thinking :)

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Developing is the new term for third world countries.

You're planning a trip to a developing country. You spend most of your pre-travel time worrying about infectious diseases and getting shots. Not a bad thing - getting your shots is important.

Studies looking at the causes of death of travelers from affluent countries to developing countries show that infectious diseases account for 1% of deaths. One percent. Around half of the deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes - mostly in the elderly.

Your biggest chance of death? Road traffic accidents.

And in the US, over 60% of RTAs occur in drivers. In the developing countries, drivers account for fewer than 10% of fatalities. Urban pedestrians alone account for about 65% of auto-related deaths in developing countries.

And no 911 - no operator standing by. "You hitchhike, taxi, walk, or crawl to the nearest medical facility, which, if you are in a rural area, may consist of little more than a well-intentioned village healer."

From The Adventurous Traveler's Guide to Health by Christopher Sandford, M.D.

Interesting book, so far. Informative, with a good sense of humor.
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I always used to joke about doing this at the library I worked at as a teenager, and thought that scene in "The Mummy" was wonderful, but the reality sure isn't that funny.

Domino effect: Tipping shelves send 25,000 books onto floor at ISU’s main library » News » News From Terre Haute, Indiana


Jul. 29th, 2010 04:00 pm
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Swimming goooooooooood. Hot tub goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!
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Okay - Firefox installed an update the other day - all fine and dandy. Now the status bar along the bottom of the screen is white - it was blue. The white is annoying. Any ideas on how to change it back? I've looked under options, tried right clicking for other options - am lost. Need help. Please :)
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Most wonderful niece turned 15 on Sunday (and I'm sure you all celebrated her birthday). And today she got her driver's permit.

OMG! Stay off the roads! :)

She's glaring at me from behind, as she sits there while I type. Got to go die now :)
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Baby horse with Mama and separate pictures of gorgeous Daddy.

baaaaabyanimals: Baaaby horse.

Home :)

Jun. 26th, 2010 09:06 pm
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Actually, I got home last night before dark :)

Turns out I didn't have an appointment on this past Thursday at 1:30 pm - I have an appointment on this upcoming Tuesday at 3:30 pm. Which was good, in a way, because an accident on the interstate had traffic back up for miles - tried to go side roads, but they were backed up because other people had the same idea :) So I phoned the office to tell them I'd be late and to see if they would be able to fit me in and found out I wasn't expected at all :) At that point, I was closer to N. Augusta than Spartanburg and had gotten myself psyched up for the trip, so went ahead and saw my cousin. But now I have to drive back down again on Tuesday. Oh, well :)

Lovely lady, former nurse, in her 70's, I think, or very late 60's. Shares a house with her sister and her sister's disabled son, who's in his late 20's. [livejournal.com profile] ithildyn - I think it might be like your house back in Monterey - a three bedroom house upstairs and a one bedroom apartment downstairs, joined by a staircase.

We got lots of pictures identified and I got to hear lots of family history :) Much more twisty than Dad's family - Dad had a fairly straight family tree. Mom's winds around here and there with kids living with other relatives and moving back and forth. There were lots of the old pictures I found that we couldn't identify, so I may go up to visit another relative in NC, who is my grandmother's sister. And I got some names and birthdates so I can try looking people up. Lots of pictures of Mom as a child too :) Loved those! I hadn't realized those pictures were her! My cousin wants copies of a few - I had some pictures of her father that she didn't have and a few other relatives - her father was my grandmother's brother.

I write that awkwardly because my grandmother and grandfather weren't really my mom's birth parents. They were cousins to her parents. Her birth father died and her mother got tuberculosis and was in a sanitarium and the younger kids went to stay with relatives - and my grandmother wouldn't give Mom back. So she was the baby of 7 kids, but raised as an only child.

Oh, and I managed to crack and pop out part of a filling while I was there. So I'll need to call the dentist on Monday [sigh]. I already need to have a crown replaced because I have a cavity coming in on the side of the tooth and now this. Argh!
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Got a checkup with the docs in Columbia, SC tomorrow. Then I'm heading to North Augusta, SC to visit a relative and see if she can help me identify people in old pictures :)

It's 90 mins to Columbia and then a bit over an hour to NA. I had planned on coming back tomorrow night, but apparently, I'm expected to stay over. Which was unexpected. It's no big deal, but like many people, I don't sleep as well away from home - and I sleep like crap anyway, so, yeah, fun time. But she sounded so happy about it that I couldn't say no.

Hopefully the kitties won't kill me when I get back.
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Best books/graphic novels/series I've read so far this year:

Ex Machina by Brian K. Vaughan - graphic novel series about a superhero turned NYC mayor. 8 volumes so far.
The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman - graphic novel series about a post-zombie apocalypse America. 11 volumes - still waiting on library to get #11. Coming soon to tv.

Fire by Kristin Cashore - fantasy, sequel to Graceling. Supposedly teen, but that's much too limiting.
Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins - sf, sequel to The Hunger Games. Same as above.
Terrier by Tamora Pierce - fantasy. Same as above.
Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce - sequel to above.

The Dragon Factory by Jonathan Maberry - sf/horror, sequel to Patient Zero. Brutal action, warped genetics, kickass hero.

A Night Too Dark by Dana Stabenow - mystery, newest in the Kate Shugak series, one of the best heroines around. Set in Alaska.
Shoot To Thrill by P.J. Tracy - mystery, newest in the Monkeewrench series, anti-authoritarian computer geeks team up with police. Set in Minneapolis mostly, Minnesota definitely.

Feed by Mira Grant - sf/horror. Post-zombie apocalypse with an emphasis on Internet bloggers. First in a trilogy, I think. Zombies, bloggers, a presidential campaign, a vicious conspiracy, lots of action. (Oh, and the title has a double meaning - zombie feeding and rss feed. The cover image is the rss image drawn in blood.)

Oh, and I'm up to 84 books so far this year ::beams sweetly:: [g,d,r]
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The eensy-weensy spider was a vicious killer.
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One finished, two in progress. Cross-posted to FB.

Click for the pretty! Click, damn you! )


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