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So I decided to do this. Last year :) Did okay and then fell away from it. Have it up on Blogger, but I think I'm going to move it over here to decrease the number of places I need to post things.

001. Set up a blog for the list.
002. Maintain list once a week.
003. See 10 movies in the theater.
004. Watch 20 movies from AFI's 100 Years 100 Thrills, 5 of which are older than me and 5 of which I've never seen before.
005. Get a passport.
006. Get passport stamped at least once.
007. Work on 10 things from the 75 Things Every Woman Should Master list.
008. Do 10 small cross stitch projects.
009. Do 5 large cross stitch projects.
010. Frame 3 already completed cross stitch projects.
011. Visit my friends Denise and April in Utah, at least once.
012. Visit my friend Shirl in Virginia, at least once.
013. Visit my friend Margie in Boston, at least once.
014. Work up to walking 15 min/day 5 out of 7 days/wk. (Very out of shape) by end of March.
015. Work up to swimming 30-45 min 3 days/wk. by the end of March.
016. Get 3 massages).
017. Send 50 cards for reasons other than Christmas/birthdays.)
018. Take at least 2 more graduate classes @ USC.
019. Take at least 2 continuing education @ SCC.
020. Learn to crochet and do a scarf.
021. Do 10 of the mazes in Dazzling Mazes.
022. Color the Butterfly Stained Glass Coloring Book.
023. Attend 5 cultural events in SC, NC and/or GA.
024. Go to the Nat'l Storytelling Festival at least once.
025. Replenish home emergency fund of $1000.
026. Go to Milliken and take pictures of the birds.
027. Take 101 pictures outside the house - and not of my cats.
028. Create emergency kit for car.
029. Create emergency kit for house.
030. Get and watch all 3 Extended Versions of the LotR movies.
031. Get storage unit cleaned out.
032. Homeowner's insurance: call roofer and electrician to get house back up to code and get insurance back.
033. Redo home book inventory and cull books for donations/Bookmooch/Amazon.
034. Redo home CD inventory and cull for Swapacd/Amazon.
035. Redo DVD inventory.
036. Redo cassette/LP inventory & make list of ones I want on CD.
037. Buy at least 5.
038. Redo VHS inventory & make list of ones I want on DVD.
039. Buy at least 5.
040. Learn to use sewing machine.
041. Sew at least 5 things (clothes, bags, etc.).
042. Sort out closets in back room.
043. Sort out wardrobe in back room.
044. Redo Mom's recipe box with new cards.
045. Finish cataloging church library.
046. Go to a psychic.
047. Get a purple streak in my hair.
048. Have a physical.
049. Roll loose change three times.
050. Donate 1,000,000 grains of rice through Free Rice.
051. Create a budget.
052. Get a new smoke detector.
053. Clean up walk-in closet.
054. Clean out trunk and back seat of car (aka mobile storage unit).
055. Declutter 101 things, not including clothing.
056. Take boxes to recycling.
057. Spa day.
058. Reorganize and clean up My Documents.
059. Clean up iTunes.
060. Clean up My Picture files.
061. Clean up Flickr account.
062. Back up both LJs 3 times.
063. Redo inside of screened-in porch to make it usable.
064. Get rid of brown couch.
065. Redo one room as library.
066. Call landscaper to cut back plants around the house.
067. Go through unread books on coffee table & cull for donation/Bookmooch.
068. Check Bookmooch inventory - anything over 9 months old, remove and donate once a year.
069. Do same for Swapacd.
070. Clean up laundry room.
071. Brush cats(2) once a month, whether they like it or not.
072. Get cats' nails trimmed every 3 mos.
073. Get full service groom every 6 mos.
074. Get back door fixed.
075. Get porch door replaced.
076. Price repaving back walkway.
077. Price screening-in front deck.
078. Fix broken storm window.
079. Replace shower curtain and rod.
080. Create zine inventory - keep, sell or donate.
081. Find out about creating business plans.
082. Find out about domains and trademarks.
083. Invest in CDs - not music :)
084. Decide what to do with all of Mom's photographs & albums.
085. Make 6 charitable donations.
086. Get fitted for a bra.
087. Update reading LJ per week rather than all at the end of the month.
088. File papers once a month.
089. Make a daily/weekly checklist of things to do (vitamins, drugs, etc) and post on fridge/desk.
090. Put flowers on parents' grave 3 times/yr.
091. Left blank for later.
092. Left blank for later.
093. Left blank for later.
094. Left blank for later.
095. Left blank for later.
096. Left blank for later.
097. Left blank for later.
098. Left blank for later.
099. Left blank for later.
100. Donate $10 for all incomplete activities.
101. Decide if I'm doing this again and create new list.

Some things were done and some need to be changed because I realize I'm not going to do them :)
Will be working on that and getting off all the info from the blog, so I can delete it.
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