May. 4th, 2010

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that I drink a lot?

No? Neither did I! Wow!

::waits for Ith & Nin to stop laughing::

But I was amazed to learn that Other Cousin told mutual Uncle this during his time up here for the funeral.

Cousin D (nice cousin, uncle's daughter) told her sister this and her sister said she should tell me so that I know how mean OC is. This may be what OC's daughter told the people at the bar the other night.

Yeah, I had a drink after AC's funeral. Can't tell you when the previous one was. Before my surgery, I was a cheap drunk - two was my usual limit, maaaaaybe three if someone else was driving. After my surgery? I'm an even cheaper drunk :) I had a margarita in a high ball type glass - and granted I don't really remember eating before the funeral, but ate lunch w/margarita - and I was way feeling it. Face felt flushed, head was spinning a little. I drove directly home, did not pass go, did not collect $200, and definitely did not speed. And immediately took a nap after getting home.

[sigh] Seriously, somebody in this family has to be a changeling or something. At least it gives me something to talk to the therapist about tomorrow :)

And in good news, the bar raised just over $500 for a marker. I'm doing the preliminary work of checking prices and starting the process and the owner will meet me wherever and pay for it. Went to one place today, need to check another tomorrow and contact the cemetery, but hopefully it'll be ordered and paid for this week.


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