May. 2nd, 2010

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and find some members of my family suck even more than I thought [sigh].

The bar where AC liked to go to for karaoke is holding a fundraiser tonight to try to buy a marker for her grave. Very nice of them. They invited me, so I decided to go for a bit. Didn't plan on staying long because it hits four of my least favorite things - full of cigarette smoke, loud, crowded, and hot. Not a whole lot of people there when I arrived; they said the real crowd would be there around 10pm.

But apparently one of the cousins had been in around a bit before 6pm. I don't know this cousin - she showed up at the funeral - most of us had no idea who she was - she's Other Cousin's daughter (OC is the one who's son sued brother and who sucks up to Uncle in a creepy fashion).

I went because I wanted to go, to thank them for everything they had done for AC, and to warn them about her ex-husband (who might would have the guts to go and try to imply they weren't exes or were still close to try to get money). Also to tell them that they should do all of it themselves and not give the money to anyone in the family to do for them. [My thought was that Other Cousin would gladly take it, buy something cheap, and keep the rest for herself.] And that if the funeral home needed someone in the family to sign allowing it, to call me and I'd meet them, but I would be much happier if they handled all the money aspects, since it was their effort. [And I had the vague thought, which was confirmed, that someone might make insinuations about what I did with the money.]

Unknown cousin had already suggested that they give the money to her/family to take care of. The bar owner told me he meant no disrespect to me or the rest, but that they knew AC, not us. I totally agree. Another guy there, security, I think, who seemed to really like AC, told me that Unknown Cousin tried to warn them about me.

Don't know what she said - in a sick way, I'd kinda like to know, but I'm much happier not knowing :)

He also made a point to tell me that I was the only one she had ever mentioned. And he put a cigarette and a Coke at the table she liked to sit at and said something about making sure no one else sat there. They were exceedingly nice and upset about what happened. And the woman who does the karaoke played AC's favorite song for me and several of the people in the bar sang along. One man had to wipe his eyes during it.

I left then because I was about to cry. And they invited me to come back anytime, just to chat, or to stay. And I cried a bit because of how caring they were - and how *evil* some of the family are.

It's almost enough to make me think about moving out to where Ith & Nin are - except for that whole "winter" thing. :) I'm so NOT a winter person.


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