Apr. 26th, 2010

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I called the coroner's office to tell them about the last people she lived with, who tried to shake her down for money and pills after they kicked her out and to ask about when they would release the body. And they told me how she died.

She was murdered. Strangled. They do have someone in custody too.


My uncle is going to pay for a funeral - he bought her a plot back when her father died - he had to buy uncle Jay's plot too and went ahead and got her one.


I did go by the motel she stayed in and told them. They had seen the article, but knew her better under her ex-husband's last name and were very upset. She was a huge PITA, but she was also very sweet and made friends easily. One woman there said she had known her for 15 years.

I need to get her clothes out of the car and see if she's got anything nice to be buried in.

I don't think I've ever known anyone who was killed violently. One of my best friends died in a car wreck back when I was in Fayetteville, but mostly it's been illnesses and natural causes. It just hurts to think that she was scared and hurting when she went.

I am okay, just very sad. My therapist called to check on me, before I found out, and then I called her back and talked for a few minutes.
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with pictures of him and her. And the most unfortunate statement of "Kimbrell's mostly nude body".
Really could have gone forever without knowing that. Really.

Police arrest Enoree man in homeless woman's murder | GoUpstate.com
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my brother is a stupid arse.

So I just called the niece to tell her - she's not home from school yet. Her mom tells me that brother called last night, told her (Mom) and let her tell niece. And whined that she probably wouldn't want to go to the service with him.

IMO, she doesn't need to go to the service period. She barely knew AC and didn't particularly like her. But if she wants to go to see some of the family that's fine and she can go with me.

But come on - couldn't he man up and tell her himself? Her mom didn't know AC at all, she was our family.

Pfffft! Stupid brother.


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