Apr. 25th, 2010

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Annoying cousin is deceased.

The coroner's office called me a little before 8:30 pm. They found her in an abandoned building. They got my name and number from the detention center records from her stay over Christmas. They're calling it suspicious right now and will do an autopsy and investigation. And will keep me informed of everything.

It's a shock, but not really, you know? Even AC wouldn't have been surprised.

So I called a couple of the relatives and my cousin D, who lives in GA, will tell her dad tomorrow - he's the elderly uncle who AC always called for money. He's in his early 80's and not in great health and they've also been dealing with some of the probate stuff for his wife, who's been gone almost a year now.(Hers was the funeral I went to after the outbuilding burned down and melted the back end of the car). D also said she's pretty sure her dad will pay for burying her - and had already bought her a plot next to her dad.

So the ride is over and the wreck is being cleared. I'll have to wait until I get official word, then I can start figuring out what to do about her SS and PO box and all the stuff that's in my trunk.

Of course, my first reaction after hanging up the phone was 'it's all my fault' - which I knew was stupid and I called my therapist. My regular appt. is Wed., but she told me her open times tomorrow in case I want to go in. But I think I'm okay - it was not an unreasonable first reaction, but even as I was calling her, I was getting over it. AC's life was her own choice. Just a damn shame. [sigh]


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