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Apr. 22nd, 2010 11:47 am
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From "Not Always Right":

(Two customers are in my line to buy some bottle water. I can clearly tell from their accents that they are from another country.)

Me: “That will be five dollars, please. And may I ask where are you from?”

Customer: “Sure mate. We are from Scotland.”

Me: “Oh, nice. I hope you enjoy your visit to America–”

(A teenage kid nearby overhears us and interrupts.)

Teenage kid: “You better, seeing how we saved your a** in the Korean War!” *storms off*

(My two customers exchange glances, shake their heads, and look back at me)

Customer: “I love America.”

Bwuh? I can't even begin to imagine what country the teenager was thinking of...
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From AP English, I think:

universal idea: Fear
ordinary substance: Burnt-out light bulb

combination: Fear, like a burnt-out light bulb, fills our lives with darkness.

Hmmm... I still like that.
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Found a couple more dated 1984:

bad poem about love [g] with one good image:

Love is the wheel of the world.
Don't poke a stick in the spokes
And mess up your ride.

Lonely and Alone

Lonely is the feeling you get
When you are in a crowd
And there is no one you know.

Lonely is when you have lots of friends
And you talk to them about everything,
But they don't understand.

Alone is what you are
When you're in a large crowd
And you're perfectly happy.

Alone is when you've got tons of friends
And they understand
When you want to be by yourself.

There is a world of difference
Between lonely and alone.
And I would rather be alone
Than lonely, But
We can't always have what we want.

Oh, my, the angst :)

Oh, my, the bad weird poetry )

Yes, I was a weird teenager, who grew into a weirder adult :)


Apr. 22nd, 2010 11:58 pm
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Okay - I'm going through a folder full of papers - mostly the start of several fanfic stories that never got written, other fan/list related stuff, and some old high school stuff. Most of it has been trashed :)

But I did find this bit from FK fandom that I still think is funny:

Subject: Re: spoilers: SoB -- eyes FX

Jamie MR wrote:
>Wellllll, yeah, but... the bit where we actually saw his eyes *change*, that had to be fx. The last I >heard, you couldn't get contact lenses that do THAT. And if you can... I want some! I mean, wouldn't that be >soooo cool?

You know what they really are of course, don't you huh huh?!? MOOD LENSES!!!!! Yes, just like the old mood rings that changed with your mood - now we present mood lenses so your eye color can represent your everchanging moods - hungry vampire yellow, demon-possessed green, drowning blue, oh-god-i'm-on-fire red, and many other exciting colors. Please call 1800-EYE-DYES for our free brochure

Tammy W
Boy I'm glad it's closing time - I am really losing it - (shut up you lost it years ago, you fool) - {*slap*} Oooohhhhh I feel much better now


I still think mood lenses would be cool - and that EYE-DYES would be a great phone # :)


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