Apr. 15th, 2010

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The other week, the annoying one, when I was talking about seeing my therapist, said something about wanting therapy. (waits for gasps of shock and "No shit!"s to diminish) So I mentioned it next session. Therapist, a former school counselor, knows someone at the Mental Health Dept and called her to see how we could go about it.
She said MHD wouldn't touch unless she was clean, but there's a detox center where she can enter a residential program and then transfer back to the MHD as an outpatient.

Well, of course, AC denies she has a drug problem, but both my therapist and I stressed that it was a residential program - meaning she would be off the street - plus getting help. She actually agree to do it. (again waits for shock to go away)

So today I went and picked her up at the motel (today was her checkout day and time to go back on the streets until she got more money), got all her stuff in my car again, and headed out to the detox place.

Where they didn't have a bed for her.

We both just... chuckled in despair. She'd been calling the shelter too and they were full. Guy at detox said possibly an opening in a day or two, so we'll call back and check. But it was kind of like kicking someone who's already unconscious, you know?

So I dropped her off at a Burger King and gave her the change I had in my purse. So she had some lunch, at least.


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