Mar. 15th, 2010

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and I said no. So she'll be back on the street today.

Not my problem.

Wanted me to call our uncle in GA and ask him to help "us" out one last time. Pfffft!

I told her she would have to figure out a way to call him and that I wasn't going to call him to ask for money or ask him to call her so she could ask. She said she doesn't blame me. She can blame me all she wants - still ain't gonna happen.

She also thinks her ex-husband has claimed her on his income tax and that's why she hasn't gotten any stimulus checks lately, so she's going to call and report him for fraud. Umm... for one thing, there haven't been any stimulus checks lately... As for the fraud, fine, maybe he did - he did it once and it messed up her SS/Medicare for a couple of months. But is it wrong of me to hope *she* gets in trouble for falsely accusing him?

Oh, well, at least, if she's picked up for vagrancy again, I don't have to worry about visiting :) The detention center is undergoing some renovations and they've had to move the prisoners around and have suspended visitations :)
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with the saga of the annoying cousin, a small update :)

Went to pick up her stuff and took her to a different area of town where there are places open all night (Waffle House, local bar, convenience stores). Of course, those places want you to buy something. And, of course, she's broke.

May the library gods forgive me - I suggested she go there. She'd be warm and dry, have access to a bathroom, could go in and out to smoke, could sit and read, no money required, etc. Her answer? Are they open all night? No? Well then I'd have to walk down to [area of town].

Where she's more likely to get the law called on her for loitering. Stupid bint.

Oh, well. Not my problem. I just have a couple of bags of her stuff in my trunk until she gets more money.
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Honey enjoyed her brief visit because she had drawstrings at the bottom of her pants!


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